Km Vertical - O Courel (11 Mar)

Next race will be the Vertical Km of Courel in Galicia-Spain to be held on March 11. Departing from the usual orieentering races, Ori-Live will be present at this Trail event to provide official results and real-time coverage in what is also the Galician Vertical Km Championship.

Organized by the Galicia Maxica Trail Adventure, the Vertical Km of Courel presents an ascension of 1000m in a 4500m run distance. Taking place in the gorgeous mountains of Courel this event is based in the Folgoso de Courel village. The finish line will be located at the peak of the Pia Páxaro at 1607m high.

You should also note that this race is the Gallego Championship of Vertical KM by the Galician Mountaineering Federation.


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