Since early 2010 that this project is available to offer any organization of an orienteering event a complete and functional system for speaker and real time coverage.

  • Computer system covering the various functions (from tracing, analysis, speaker,multimedia and online publication)
  • Independent TCP network on which rests the entire infrastructure and system.
  • Complete independence, not interfering with organizers critical systems.
  • Human resources and expertise for its own assembly and operation.
  • Accessible service without the need to acquire a complete system.
  • Complete Logistics including transportation, software and hardware.

Our aim is to completely free the organization of a task that is complicated, expensive and requires a lot of know-how, resources and logistics. Our added value is to have all the necessary (all without exception: from computers to wireless modems) and a wide experience in this field.

Our portfolio is already composed with some well-known events.

  • POS2009
  • POM2010
  • NAOM2010
  • ORI-6 2010
  • EYOC2010
  • O'MTB Iberic2011
  • POM2012
  • UTSF2012
  • POM2013