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The Ori-Point is GSM module for remote tracing of control stations and timing systems developed specifically for Ori-Live.

  • Compatible with latest versions of SportIdent control stations and with SportIdent SiCards versions 5, 6, 8 and 9;
  • Autonomy over 8 hours;
  • Structure waterproof and shockproof ;
  • Configurable buffer by time or unit;
  • External Antenna;

The Ori-Point is based on a Siemens GSM platform with Java VM. This allowed us to adapt the device to the particular needs of the orieentering events.

The Ori-Point has an external antenna which gives a better SNR when it comes to sending and receiving GSM. Autonomous and with a high capacity battery the Ori-Point is able to operate continuously for hours without loss in strength of the transmitting signal.

Of small size (only slightly larger than a control station SportIdent), the Ori-Point is discreet and appropriate to be placed on the florest without creating any conflict with the normal use or access of control points.

All the parameters that define the behavior of Ori-Point are easily edited to better suit the characteristics and needs of each event or stage.

With several units tested and 100% functional Ori-Point can offer a wide coverage getting more than one intermediate timing. Ori-Point is transparent to classes so that all passages traced in a particular control point may be relayed.


  • GSM;
  • Java;
  • RS-232 Protocol;
  • SportIdent protocols;