pedra Ori-Spaker


The Ori-Speaker is the tool of choice for the speaker. It allows constant and complete knowledge in real time of intermediate and final times and preliminary and official classifications.

In addition to providing factual information about real times the Ori-Speaker offers a range of additional features for analysis too. Since indication of average times and relative position of each athlete in each section all the way to expected times previsions in the following sections and at the end of the race Ori-Speaker never let the speaker without data on which to comment.

  • Departure times, splits, average speeds and finishing times tables with time differences, gaps and classification prediction.
  • Grids by class or individual athlete.
  • Ready to use in multi-screen;
  • Estimated times (intermediate and final);
  • Times of arrival;
  • Preliminary and final classificaions;
  • Differences between times (intermediate and final);
  • Countdown of times to beat;
  • Divided by class;
  • Detailed information for each athlete (including final split-times);
  • Automatic alerts of passages and arrivals for the top classes.
  • Dynamic interface with different windows for different data;
  • Persistent information (ie. not lost between sessions, shutdowns, restarts, etc.).
  • All the grids are dynamic and updated in real time;


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The Ori-Speaker provides different views depending on the perspective that the speaker wants to tackle. On one side you can view each class individually on its own window. On the other you may watch the presentation of all linear timings, arrival and synchronization of data obtained by the system regardless of class.

The Ori-Speaker also has a set of warning systems so that he speaker never miss an important moment or situation in the running event.

  • Labeling the data obtained in the previous momments;
  • Calling attention to the possibility of times to be beaten;
  • Signaling in a special way any change in the most important classes;

All information provided by Ori-Speaker is updated constantly in real time based on the latest timings and data receieved or tracked.


  • Methodologies and needs comment;
  • Public Addressment;
  • Calculus and Analysis of time