pedra Ori-Trace

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Ori-Trace represents the gateway into the Ori-Live for all information regarding intermediate and final times. The Ori-Trace purpose is to track all of the control stations installed in the map by ground cable or wireless communications. Ori-Trace is able to simultaneously track up to 12 cable stations and wireless communication up to the allowed by GSM and GPRS traffic.

  • Manual input (timing introduced by user);
  • Local Tracking (direct serial connection to the control station);
  • Simultaneous local connections up to the number of COM ports;
  • Remote Tracking (receiving timings emitted by a GSM/GPRS network connected to the control stations);
  • Compatible with GSM modules: Ori-Point by Ori-Live and Osprey by GP.
  • One Ori-Trace can receive tracking of several GSM modules simultaneously;
  • Ability to use multiple GSM modems in parallel;
  • Compatible with any standard GSM modem;
  • Unlimited number of tracked points;
  • Compatible with the latest versions of SportIdent control stations and SportIdent SiCards versions 5, 6, 8 and 9;
  • Fully independent (requires no other components or applications support);
  • Tracking Report on screen and in real time.

The availability times of the captured information are extremely short. For a cable tracking they are under half of second, 2 to 5'' for a GRPS link and for a GSM remote tracking up to about 8'' (in allcases measured from the moment of the runner punch).


  • Protocol RS-232;
  • Wiring connectors and RS-232,
  • Wiring range up to distances of 1200m;
  • GSM technologies;
  • Protocols SportIdent;