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No media coverage of a competition is complete without the distribution of visual results and coverage of the event. Ori-Screen provides a platform for video rendering of graphics on all existing data within the Ori-Live system. This video signal can then be distributed around the arena and presented through video walls, LCD screens, projectors or any other type of large screens.

  • Attractive and rich design;
  • Live results and timings;
  • Overlay on external video feeds;

Ori-Screen also allows the overlay of additional video feeds allowing you to be able to produce films or live footage of athletes' passages.

In conjunction with external video production systems, Ori-Screen can be integrated in both pre-and post-production.

Among the graphic pictures that can be displayed or overlaid let me highlight the rankings by age and the timings in real time of the passage of an athlete at any traced control station.

As with all components of Ori-Live system, Ori-Screen can be multi-instantiated thus allowing the creation of multiple "channels" with different information for different areas of the arena.


  • graphics and video systems;


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