Ori-Live rest in an information
system wich is supported by a
modular and distributed
architecture consisting of
several components and services.

The system was developed from
scratch during the last years
as a result of regular
participation in the
organization of orieentering
races and in the observation
of the increasing need of media
coverage of these events.

Gathering expertise in the
various organizations which have
been using this software, it has
evolved in order to provide a
complete platform covering all
the needs of information and
multimedia of these same

The system infrastructure is
based in a TCP-IP network on
which several nodes are
distributed with specific
Multiple instances of the same
components can be used
allowing better and redundant
To keep track of intermediate times
RS-232, GSM and GPRS links
are used.

Not despising the Internet
the system offers a on-line
portal where a real-time coverage of
the event can be published.



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